Aug 9, 2022 1 min read

Moonbirds move to CC0 causes Controversy

Moonbirds move to CC0 causes Controversy
Image Credit: Moonbirds

Moonbirds CEO Kevin Rose announced earlier this week that Moonbirds along with its companion project Oddities will change their IP licensing to CC0. The move will allow anyone, including people who don't own a Moonbirds NFT, to use the NFTs' art without having to worry about any copyright limitations.

While CC0 licensing for NFTs has been popularized by projects like Mfers and CrypToadz, some holders called this unilateral move by Rose too hasty and wondered why it wasn't put to a community vote. Some are even questioning the legality of an NFT project changing their IP licensing after mint, since holders may have bought or minted an NFT under the impression that they would own the commercial rights to the art.

One holder of a rare Moonbird posted a Twitter thread detailing how shortly after the move to CC0 was announced, a six figure licensing deal they had in place for their Moonbird fell through.

But Rose believes that this change will be beneficial to the Moonbirds brand and community. "We believe this move honors and respects the values of the internet and web3 and starts a new and important phase of the project", wrote Rose in a recent tweet discussing the direction Moonbirds is heading in.

Even with mixed feelings in the Moonbirds community about the change, Rose has stated that the decision is final, saying, “We can’t change our minds. We’re rooting for you and can’t wait to help promote and support all your creative endeavors.”

A Twitter thread from Rose about the move can be found here.

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